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Beginner’s Guide to Flop-proofing this Year’s Conference Planning

You have busy jobs, loads of responsibilities, and already an over-crowded to-do list. What you do not have is spans of creative time to spend on planning your next conference in South Africa. However, with some careful planning, an ‘awake’ team and the right software, you can organise a great conference – without burning the…

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5 Ideas to make a 21st birthday celebration unforgettable

Find out how to make your 21st birthday celebration the talk of the town! Congratulations! You’re about to turn 21 and officially join the responsible world of adulthood. Sure, your 18th birthday was a big event – you can vote, you can drive, you can drink! But your 21st needs to be unforgettable. And not…

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How To Reignite The Fire In Your Team This Winter.

As published in ExpertHub. Your employees might be experiencing a mid-year slump. Here’s how to inspire them back into action. As we step over the halfway mark of the year, you may be seeing signs of your team starting to flag. This could be due to a few reasons; a big push at the beginning…

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4 Tips To Create A Great Conference / Workshop / Event In 2019

how to create an event

As seen in the Entrepreneur Magazine Being able to host a great workshop or event is an essential skill for anyone in creative and innovative businesses. Your event will have a major impact – that is guaranteed. However, whether it is a positive or negative impact depends on how well the event was put together…

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7 Simple Steps To Strategise For 2019’s Success

revel africa business-strategy

As seen in the Entrepreneur Magazine To make that happen you will need to start strategising soon. So let’s talk about how all of us can create effective team strategies for 2019. 1. First, clarify your goals To know what the new year should look like, start by understanding what this year was like. Pull…

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Wedding planning: 12 Tips to help you go from Bridezilla to Bridechilla

Published by Everyone knows you as a kind, loving, emotionally generous person. But you’re also an engaged woman. That means you are susceptible to succumbing to the temporary but extremely toxic (for others) condition known as “Bridezilla.” “Bridezilla” is the lovely cross between a bride and Godzilla, that crazed giant dinosaur type creature that…

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